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Inspired by the archaic and ancient, landscape, journeys, dreams and the ordinariness of the everyday, I aim to create and simplify timeless themes; fragmented narratives of past and imagined lives where the complexities are stripped back to search for a kind wordless essence. Ideas of human existence and of being human in this saturated world of ours. 

The stillness of a moment captured in time, memories no longer my own but that have a connectivity to a universal other.  Figures in a landscape, often more suggestive than representational: displacement or a place found, intimacy, alliance and the unique psychological space that we each encompass. An interest in the conscious/unconscious elements of the mind, world beliefs, myths and symbolism contribute in creating objects and compositions, while the physicality and process in the making unearth new possibilities through textures, layering and the use of colour.



DipAD    Ceramics                                                   Edinburgh College of Art,

MA        Ceramics  and Painting                                Edinburgh College of Art

Post Graduate Certificate in Education                       Edinburgh University

Certificate in Group Analysis                                     Institute of Group Analysis, London

Certificate in Humanistic Psychotherapy                     Spectrum, London

Certificate in Arts and Therapy in Education               IATE, London



The Andrew Grant Travel Award

Post Graduate year ECA


Founder of The Hampstead School of Art, 1994, London

Trustee of BAR, Brent Artists Resource, London

Owner of Devign Design, Interior design and project mamgement



The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

New Zealand House Gallery, London

The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

Kingsgate Gallery, London

Camden School of Art , London

The Tricycle Theatre Gallery, London



The Camden Arts Centre, London

FPS, Menier Gallery, London

The Gallery at Willesden Green Library, London

Pure Painting, BAR Gallery

BAR members print Exhibition

Emerge, Electric House, London

Encounters, Queens Parade, London

Chrysalis, Transition, Electric House, London

Ghosts, WGLC Gallery, London

Regeneration, Electric House, London

Humble Origins, Art on Paper, BAR Gallery, London

Art-itecture, London Architecture Festival 2014

Print Show, Brent Artists Resource, London

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

Kingsgate Gallery, London

The Oxford Gallery, Oxford

Gallery K, Hampstead, London

New Zealand House Gallery, London

The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

The Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

The Royal Scottish Academy Summer Exhibition, Edinburgh

Leodz Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Ministry of Culture, Belgrade, Serbia

Kelvin Grove Museum, Glasgow

Aberdeen University Gallery

Katz Gallery, Mott Street, Manhattan, New York

Celia Coleman Gallery, London

The Polish Institute, London

Contemporary Applied Arts, London

Crafts Council Gallery, London

The Scottish Craft Centre, Edinburgh

Henderson’s Gallery, Edinburgh

Lothlorian Book Shop, Edinburgh

57 Gallery, Edinburgh

Third Eye Centre, Glasgow

The Stirling Smith Gallery and Museum, Stirling

The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh



Western General Hospital Edinburgh

Harrods, Nightsbridge London

Saatchi & Saatchi

Andrew Loyd Webber

Larsson Shipping

Paul Mellon Foundation



National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

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